Tarneeja Makol was born in New Delhi, India in 1977 and moved to Toronto, Canada when she was 14. And then to the USA in 2003. She draws her artwork and poetry from her personal experiences of having lived in three very different countries, with contrasting cultural values, philosophies and daily living. While very fond of traveling and exploring, some of her works have undertones of nostalgia and reflectiveness. She explores these topics in nature and urban landscape using multiple mediums such as ink, charcoal, oil and photography.

Tarneeja completed her university education in Business Administration from York University, Toronto. Always a student of life and art; she has received art training from Schuler school of fine arts in Baltimore as well as Toronto School of Art in Toronto, Canada. Her work experience, spanning over 20 years, include Product Management, Designing and Managing complex IT projects. Tarneeja currently resides in Western Howard county, Maryland.

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